Q & A: Karen and Stevie Mckillop

Who old are you both?
Stevie 48. Karen 42.

What made you start running?
Stevie. I having been running all my life. After, a serious health scare I rediscovered my love. I haven’t looked back since.
Karen. I became involved in running due to Stevie. I didn’t want him to be running alone, due to his cardiac event. I have been running since 2013.

What was your first race?
Stevie. Rushmore 10k. Aldershot.
Karen. Hollywood Stroll. 5k.

Your biggest achievement to date?
Stevie. Running my first Ultra. Ultra-Highland fling. 53miles.
Karen. Hardwoods Night Race. 7.5miles 2016. 6 peaks. 7500 feet. Extreme weather conditions, lots of competitors, did not complete the course.

Goal for the year ahead?
Stevie. Run another Ultra, more than 53 miles.
Karen. Trail half marathon.

How do you stay motivated?
Stevie. I feel lucky to be alive, since my cardiac arrest. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life. I like to challenge myself, and feel fit.
Karen. Friends have kept me motivated, Stevie, and I also enjoy the social aspect of our club. It is friendly.

Best tips for new runners?
Stevie. Stay positive.
Karen. Give it a go you might enjoy it!

Favourite food per race?
Stevie. Porridge.
Karen. Rice pudding.

Running idol?
Stevie. Forrest Gump!
Karen. Stevie!

Why choose DRC?
Stevie. Friendly, welcoming club, non-competitive and non-elitist. I think the club is successful down to the strong women whom have carried the club forward and whom continue to do so.
Karen. I feel our club is really friendly, and welcomes people from any fitness background. I also agree, with Stevie that women have played a huge success with our club.

Stevie. I would like to nominate. Diane Lord. This lady is a real inspiration, whom took up running, later in life. Diane continues to win races, and recently successfully completed January Marcothon. This is where you run every day in January. 3 miles. No easy task for any runner.

Karen. I would like to nominate Dot Smith. Dot was very encouraging when I commenced running club.

Dot also is a more mature runner, whom despite having some time away, remains a true motivator and inspiration to the club.

Thanks guys. You truly are a great powerhouse couple, whom help embody all in what is wonderful about our fantastic club!!!!

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