Q & A: Diana Lord & Dot Smith

Who are you?
Dot Smith. 63 years young.
Diane Lord. 68 years young.

What made you start running?
Dot. Joined the club to see if, I could run.
Diane. To stay fit. To complete jog Scotland.

When did you start running?
Dot. Started three years ago.
Diane. Started two years ago.

First Race.
Dot. Ran ten miles recently.
Diane. Dumfries half Marathon.

Goal for the year ahead.
Dot. Half Marathon.
Diana. Great North Run.

How do you stay motivated?
Dot. Coming to our club, which is friendly and encourages all members.
Diana. To keep going, club great motivation. Fantastic support and encouragement. To stay fit.

Best tip for new runners?
Dot. Pace yourself and don’t burn yourself out.
Diana. No shame in walking. Just keep moving!!!!!!

Best food Pre race?
Dot. Toast. Banana.
Diana. Golden Syrup Porridge.

Running Idol?
Dot. Bradley. Be like Bradley. Young boy whom has cerebral palsy and has recently ran a race, to raise awareness of CP.
Diana. Jo Pavey. Appears to be a very down to earth women, whom is an accomplished long distance runner.

Why choose Dalbeattie Running Club.
Dot. Friendly club which is open and welcomes all.
Diana. Very friendly club, which helps and encourages all to improve and continues to encourage all members. Non elitist.

Whom would you like to nominate?
Dot. I would like to nominate Kathleen Currie to give her a voice.
Diana. I would like to nominate Margo Mcquarrie. I admire her for her Marathon, I also feel she is a fantastic motivator.

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