Q & A: Margo McQuarrie & Kathleen Currie

Whom are you?
Margo McQuarrie. 51
Kathleen Currie 52.

Why did you decide to run?
Margo. To become fitter and keep up with my daughter’s.
Kathleen lost weight, got bored of power walking. Thought give running a try.

How long have you been running for?
Margo. 4 years.
Kathleen. 3 years when running club formed.

First Race?
Margo. First Dalbeattie 10k. 46 minutes.
Kathleen Hollywood Stroll 5 miles. Two years ago.

Biggest Achievement?
Margo. Edinburgh Marathon 2015.
Kathleen Burkland Burn middleweight. 2015.

Goal for this year?
Margo. Last year I turned 50 and achieved a lot. This year I want to concentrate on enjoying my running.
Kathleen Edinburgh half Marathon May 2016.

What keeps you motivated to run?
Margo. Dave Grohi foo fighters. Music.
Kathleen. The running club. Fiona. Ashley. The Support the club brings.

Best Tip?
Margo. It’s not other people that get you by, it’s you. Your legs!! You can do it!!!!
Kathleen. Just go for it!!! Don’t give up keep going!!!!!

Favourite food Pre race?
Margo. Fruit an Fibre. Soya Nuts, Roasted.
Kathleen. Porridge.

Running idol?
Margo. My dad. Brilliant runner.
Kathleen. Anyone who gives it a go.

Why Choose DRC?
Very accepting club. No one is better than anyone else. Welcome to all
Very friendly club, open to all. No one gets left behind.

Whom would you like to nominate and why?
Margo. Mairi Harvey. Because she makes fab flap jacks.
Kathleen. Ashley Cowan. Because she is a great motivator.

Thank you lovely ladies. Keep running.свопинг акансиипрограммистуdomenolog