Diana’s 5k Kelpies experience

My Kelpies 5k experience on Saturday 12th November at Falkirk:


I entered this because I thought it was something different as it was night run (starts at 8pm) and I wanted to see the Kelpies all lit up. They were fantastic and I am glad I went for that reason but I had a rubbish run! Tips if you enter:- it fills early; allow ample time for the journey as it is quite a run to Falkirk and the parking is not well signed; it takes a good 30mins to walk to the start from parking (not 20 mins as the blurb says); long queues for loos, baggage and head torches; chaotic narrow start as there are a lot of non-runners and, as I was late, I had to start at the back. I was shattered next day as I fell into bed when I got home at past 11 but a very gentle 4 mile trot on Sunday morning restored the old body and gave me a better perspective on the experience. I did my slowest time ever for a 5k race but that was not really the point, I guess. The Kelpies are huge and magical!

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